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Kapil Packaging

Our company Kapil Packaging as a leading manufacturer of induction sealing wads, E.P.E wads, E.P.E liners and PVC cork wad from the last 25 years.

We are proud to announce that we have recently launched our new venture Kapil Packaging specialized in manufacturing :-

  • Induction sealing wad (for hdpe, pp and pet jars).

  • Printed foil induction wads and laminated aluminium foil.

Our product is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, oil, cosmetics and other industries. We can also customize the entire range in various sizes and shapes as per client requirement.
We have a well-established track record and our products have always met with great customer satisfaction. We offer great service at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our product.


Kapil Packaging is shaping the future of packaging. We will continuously lead the development of customized and differentiated packaging solutions for fast moving consumer goods and medical supplies and provide the highest quality to our clients.
We will add value to our customers through innovation and technology. We will continually expand our packaging product offerings, allowing our customers to look to us for products or information on virtually any packaging need they may encounter.


Our mission is to deliver superior end-user packaging benefits. We make great efforts to achieve the best end-user experience of your brand through packaging from point-of-purchase to disposal.