Laminated Pouches/Rolls

Kapil Packaging is the best printed foil, laminated foil laminated roll and laminated pouches manufacturer in India at affordable cost. We provide three kinds of laminated pouches in the market places, they are center sealed pouches, three side sealed pouched and aluminum foil pouches.

These pouches are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, oil, cosmetics and other industries. And these pouches are available in the market places at very reasonable price. We customize the entire range in various sizes and shapes as per the client requirements. We have a well establish track record and our products have always met with great customer satisfaction. We offer great service at a very competent price and have never been to compromise on the quality of our product.

Center Sealed Pouches

We also offer center sealed pouches, widely use for packaging goods of varying load and capacity. These pouches have a strong seal in their center back and preserve the packed item from air, moisture and other external factors.

Pouches are used for various applications like food , pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.

Three Side Sealed Pouches

We offer Three Side Sealed Pouch that are utilized for packaging food items and liquids. Available in various colors and sizes, as per client requirement. These pouches are easy to handle and are cost-effective.

Aluminium Foil Pouches

We are the leading manufacturer of aluminium foil pouches. Pouches are made using high quality raw material. They are customized in various dimensions as per the specifications of the clients.

  • Providing superior sealing eliminating the possibility of Leakages

  • Economical in usage

Laminated Rolls For Pouches :

We are superior strength laminated foil manufacturer.

We offer laminated Multi Layer Printed Laminated Rolls, 2 Layer laminated Rolls and 3 Layers Printed Rolls in various size as per client requirement.