Induction foil liners is a material sealed by non-contact heating process this accomplishes the hermetic sealing on container with closure that includes the sealable foil laminate inside of the closure. it is composed of a layer of Pulpboard or foam, a layer of wax, aluminum foil and layer of heat sealable polymer that adaptable with bottle material. There are basically two kind of the type of inner seal.


Single piece wad in which there is no backing material, hence , nothing is retained in the cap.


Its leaves a board or a foam backing or liner into the cap. Normally used to prevent leakage after induction seal has been removed.

We are the leading manufacturer of Induction sealing wad suitable for HDPE, Pet, & PP Containers.

Features :
  • Induction sealing wad ensures leak proof
  • We can also print the client’s logo or trademark.
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Seamless finish

Typical Application :

Cosmetics Caps, beverage, pharmaceutical CAPS, and Lubricating oil etc.

Diameter As per customers requirement (Any size)
Thickness 0.5 to 2.0mm (+0.1mm)